A merchant cash advance could help your business to get ahead providing fast, short-term finance for businesses that take card payments.

A merchant cash advance is an alternative finance solution allowing a business in the UK to raise finance using the receipts from card processing terminals as security for the borrowing facility.

If you have processed debit and credit cards for more than 4 months, then you are potentially eligible for an immediate cash advance.

This type of facility is generally related to the average monthly card turnover processed through your card machine with different providers offering different percentages. Some funders will also consider your non card related income when agreeing their advance.

The normal minimum amount advanced is £3,500 up to a maximum of £500,000.

This is not a traditional loan. A fee is added by the funder to the advance made and you repay that advance by giving a percentage of your daily card receipts directly to the provider.

It’s not restricted to specific business, its open to any business that take regular card payments.

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