Secured and unsecured funding solutions provided through Peer to Peer and crowd-lending platforms

We work with all the major Peer to Peer lending platforms to deliver fast, peer to peer loan solutions to businesses of all sizes in an efficient and speedy manner.

  • Peer to peer lending is a fast-growing alternative finance option from which your business could benefit from and is tailored to your specific requirements matching lender with borrower.
  • Crowd funding is simply put the process of borrowing from a syndicate of small investors simultaneously, instead of just one larger financial institution. At the end of a successful auction the bids with the lowest interest rates are selected and you get an offer based on the average rate.

To qualify for this type of finance, your business must be profitable and prove you are able to make repayments. Crowd funders generally look at historical data and won’t lend against projections.

Unsecured business loans of up to £250,000 for terms up to five years are available

Secured business loans of 1 million+ are subject to asset quality, credit checks and Loan to Value

You must be an established business, usually with a minimum 2 years’ trading history and a sound credit profile.

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