Commercial MortgagesAs an experienced commercial mortgage broker, we offer finance to help your business grow.

Funding can sometimes be a barrier for many businesses and individuals when purchasing commercial property.

We can arrange mortgages secured on most types of commercial property and we work with a wide range of funding sources in the UK which include major high street lenders and niche specialist finance houses.

We finance on both owner-occupied, and investment-based mortgages for:

  • Offices (with/without flats above)
  • Light industrial units, industrial parks, shopping centres, warehouses or factories
  • Shops and retail units (with/without flats above)
  • Hotels, guesthouses and B&B’s, restaurants and pubs
  • Care homes, nursing homes and hospices
  • Farms and farm buildings
  • Residential investment property and portfolios

This list is not exhaustive but gives an idea of the broad range of properties you can secure a commercial mortgage against.

Current prevailing interest rates depend on many factors embracing:

  • The lower the percentage you require, the better the rate you will get.
  • The nature of the property being offered as security
  • Personal borrowing history and credit record.

The key benefits are:

  • 50+ major Commercial Mortgage Lenders offering competitive rates.
  • Up to 30-year terms available for the period of the mortgage
  • Capital and interest repayment schemes or ‘easy start’ interest only options available
  • Identifying your best Commercial Mortgage option by understanding your requirements in detail.
  • Offering mortgages up to 75% of the freehold/long leasehold value of the property or business
  • Reviewing your ability to service (pay) the mortgage from your business profits or other sources of income.

We can also assist with a broad range of commercial Buy To Let Mortgages with fixed or variable interest rates.

If you are considering the purchase of a Commercial Property for your own occupation/business, via a SIPP (self-invested pension plan), as a longer term investment, or perhaps you wish to purchase a trading business or re-mortgage an existing property, then speak to the experts in our team.

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